Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We are moving to California and so the boat is coming along where it will sail in Santa Barbara.  So before that I decided to mount the spinnaker chute.  A tape of fiberglass coupled the edges at the exit and struts supports its length back to the cockpit.  About this same time I discovered an old movie of flying fifteens being that really could have come in handy.  I think I am overbuilt a bit!  This is what the Kircubbin club was up to.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Matching a nice day with good winds.  A bit lite but boat handling is getting easy.

Modified the trailer to give an extension.  My truck got stuck in the water.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The mast step is still a busy place and will need ongoing refinement to run all those lines.  The mast ram is a bit weak so I will increase the capture on both directions.  Launching the boat is a lengthy process but it is getting better and our latest sail after moving the mast base forward and raked back removed much of the weather helm.  This thing is pretty smooth.

Covered spinnaker chute.

  Foot straps installed using fire hose.  

An A frame for supporting the mast while we paddle under the bridge.

Mast rake measurement.  It had to come back 8 inches to align with Wily Wonka.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Final cleanup steps proceeding.  Dumped mast gate casting for now and using plug.

Hawaii island kiwi fruit?

Placed an aluminum tube through the breakwater for the furler line control.

Cover box for compass from leftover scraps.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So flying fifteen 4034 has sailed.  We have a boat ramp that is above a bridge so it is necessary to paddle out beyond the bridge then setup the rig.  This took time but a strong group from the Hilo Sailing club made it all happen.  And the boat was christened by the esteemed Chris Bridges prior to hitting the water.  The weather was typical east Hawaii but with some squalls.  In the hands of two advanced sailors who were confident the boat would not falter she was put to the line.  Time to learn about Tuning Guides.

 The jib halyard slipped out of the mast (very quietly) so we reinserted it using the bridge.

The quiet before the storm.

These clouds brought in some strong winds.

Friday, August 12, 2016

We should be in the water in 12 hours.  Finishing up enough items on the boat to launch and sail with out bizarre boat ramp and bridge obstacle.   I am not sure how the wind vane normally attaches to the top of the Selden mast so made a bracket for that.  Console is tied down, vang lines are 90%.

Sealant and wood screws at front legs then cord wrapped at arches with some sealant between.
A bungee is added around top of console to catch control line ends.
Wind vane bracket.

 Compass, lines and console ready.  Probably need a divider at each pair of control lines.

Wont have a gate this time around...and not quite sure how well any of this is going to work.  The ocean waits.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Starting out early the boat was readied for the trip to the sea.  We drop 2000' in about 5 miles so there are some good grades.  The trailer handled beautifully and was very steady.  At the water the mast was put up.  We set about installing the final wire link for the rig tension system and found the mast fore ram was weak at 2:1.  Modified to 3:1 and we could then put a nice curve in the mast.  The console looks as though it will work out with a few mods and additions.  Jib cleats need to to be moved up and new vang routing installed.

The sails and lines were all setup and an approximate line layout complete.  This will be cleaned up and then the boat will be ready in one week for launching in the harbor on the 12th.  Looks like it is going to be fast!

Ready to roll.
Sails up.  Mac and Richard reviewing the setup.
 Take down and packing up.